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What People are Saying


Shawnta B. - Parent

"Since the start of the pandemic schooling hasn't been easy for any student. I noticed my son's grades began to go down and down and just weren't getting any better. I would try to youtube videos, google questions, but managing work and trying to be a full time teacher was impossible for me. I received a referral for TRU-Impact asking if my son needed any tutoring and I was so ecstatic to have some help.


My son's grades started to turn around and he formed great relationships with all of his tutors to the point where he was excited to talk about school work and school related things. This program has made such a huge impact on my son's education and I trust that it's not just stopping there. The TRU-Impact family is so caring, and want to be there for your kids future and more.



This program isn't just getting tutoring for a few hours and calling it a day, it's so much more and has a greater impact on their individuality as they become older. Having tutors that are college students that can help them with things they may have questions or concerns about when it comes to college search and going through the high school life makes it a thousand times better! I am truly grateful for the TRU-Impact team and honestly don't know what I would do without them. You guys are the best!"

Erica W. - Parent

Three of my children have been part of the TRU-Impact family for almost a year now. I reached out to Victor because I was having a little trouble with my boys and he didn't hesitate to come see them and talk to us about the TRU-Impact program. My oldest has become an honor roll student due to the tutoring help, and my daughter’s grades has went up since receiving the help also. Staff has stepped in as an advocate for my youngest son when it comes to dealing with his school. TRU-Impact has treated me and my children like family since day one of joining the program. I had a very big surgery a couple of months ago, Deb and the team were my angels. They made sure my children had dinner a couple of times during that week of me being on bed rest. This program has stepped in our life and helped us in so many different ways. I am truly blessed to have these wonderful people in me and my children's life. Thank you TRU- Impact family. 

Michelle A. - Parent

My name is Michelle A. and I want to share the great impact that Victor Norflee and his family has made to my family. Mr. Norflee started out as my children’s counselor over eight years ago and now is considered family. Victor was not only their counselor but also their mentor. I was a divorced single mom raising four teenagers in the city. 

I was working full time and overtime when possible. Mr. Norflee took my children under his wing and was my second pair of eyes. He got them involved in summer camp, and church. He transported them to and from and made sure that they knew that if they didn’t feel comfortable talking to me about certain things that he was available anytime to listen and talk to. He got them interested and involved in church and a youth group thru the church. The Norflee’s have been a positive fixture in our lives. They never missed a graduation or a graduation party. They nurtured and help mold my children into the young adults that they are today. With their influence and involvement in our lives, my second daughter graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Recreational Therapy. My other daughter has gainful employment and able to support herself, my son has never been to jail and ALL FOUR OF MY CHILDREN HAVE GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL.

The Norflee’s are positive role models and wonderful God fearing and loving people. If I had a thousand tongues I could not thank them enough for all they have done for us and all that they do for the community. I am so happy that they are expanding their vision into an environment that so many youth can receive the guidance and support that my family and I have had the opportunity to have had. I thank God for the experiences that we have shared.

Rafael - 8th Grader

"The tutors make it so much easier for me to handle my workload with all that I'm assigned. I really appreciate them because they help me learn better, and have helped me improve my grades. As I struggle with certain subjects the tutors are patient with me and help me just enough where I'm able to learn how to figure it out on my own and if I need help they're right there. Thank you to all my tutors, you guys are the best!" 

Harmony - 8th Grader

TRU-Impact Organization help me improve a lot with my math homework and school work. The tutors are amazing very amazing! They remind me of big brothers and sisters and aunt and uncles. They are so great to the point you would want them every time. Subjects I have trouble with in school, they are able to go right to the middle of my confusion. When I go back to school my teacher praised me. She was so happy that I was able to answer her questions with confidence. She instantly realized improvement. Just recently the TRU-Impact family went bowling it was lit and I had lots of fun, The staff are friendly and so are the students and they are very funny. 
TRU-Impact you ROCK.

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